Treads is a web based application which guides users through the Treasurer’s Deeds Application process. It can be customized to allow counties the ability to add their own or custom steps to the process.

Web Based

Since Treads is a web application that means there is absolutely nothing to install. It also means you can do your work from anywhere, home, office, the beach.

Affordable pricing

Treads has per Deed Application pricing, which means whether you have one or a dozen users it’s the same reasonable price.

Details overview of applications to easily track the progress of each individual deed application.

Track tax data information including assessed amount, lien purchase amount and subsequent years taxes.

We know that each county may have processes specific to them. Working together we can customize Treads to meet your needs.

Each application displays clearly what has been completed and what still needs to be done through a detailed navigation bar.

All legal documents can be generated in the system complete with your signatures and seals.

The site is fully secured using up-to-date TLS 1.2 protocols. You can sleep well at night knowing that all of your information is safe and sound.

Please call us today to schedule a demonstration to see how Treads can help your office!