Bringing foreclosure processing from the paper age to the digital age.

Welcome to the new frontier!

We know how you feel

We have worked in the Colorado foreclosure industry and we know how danting it can be. There is an abundance of information to track and process. We strive to make things simple and as straight forward.

Hosting available

You don’t have the resources or desire operate the self-hosted edition of GTSData? No problem, leave it to us! Who better to install, maintain, and backup your critical foreclosure data than the people who built the system in the first place.

Affordable pricing

Our self-hosted edition has per foreclosure pricing, which means whether you have one or a dozen users the cost is the same. With the hosted edition, we still charge the per foreclosure price, but there is an additional per user cost.

Critical dates are automatically computed for you for Last Sale, Publication, Last Day to Redeem; even important holidays.

Foreclosure information is securely published to the Internet - One click of a button and your case is automatically published to the web. The public can visit a secured fully searchable site to do all the research they want from the comfort of their own home or office - 24 hours a day. That means fewer calls to you and fewer people visiting your office.

Property lists are automatically generated - Our software generates your list of properties that are up for sale this week. Everything is calculated for you automatically.

Standard reports are included - We generate weekly reports of your property listings for you. Several reports are included in the software - saving you from having to design them. Custom reports can be tailored to your needs.

Automatically print official documents - We will print your Certificate of Purchase, Public Trustees Deed, NED, Certificate of Redemption and Assignments.