Enabling attorneys and law firms to submit mortgage foreclosure data and documents to Public Trustees in Colorado.


Using just a handful of simple and easy to fill in forms anyone can submit a foreclosure. We strive to make the learning curve virtually non-existant, which means that you can submit foreclosure data quickly.

Web based

Since PUSH is a web application that means there is absolutely nothing to install. Just contact us for access then start submitting foreclosures immediately.

Affordable pricing

PUSH was developed with the mindset of making foreclosure processing easier for the Colorado Public Trustees. As such PUSH is 100% free of charge for any attorney or law firm.

Probably the greatest benefit in using the PUSH foreclosure submission system is in time savings. No more having to rely on couriers to transport foreclosure submissions. Submissions can reach the appropriate Public Trustee’s office in a matter of seconds.

Foreclosure information is securely published to the Public Trustees. The Public Trustees can visit a fully secured site to completely review the submitted package from their own office.

Do you need to submit a bankruptcy, deferment posting, cure statement or any other kind of document? No problem you can add an unlimited number of additional documents to any foreclosure once it's been accepted by the Public Trustee.

PUSH does not sleep or take vacations. It’s available for use 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, all year long.